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Need help in creating a dynamic Map Field

Question asked by VijayDeodhar on Feb 16, 2013
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Need help in creating a dynamic Map Field


     I am totally new to Filemaker Pro CRM.  I want to transition from using ACT! CRM to Filemaker.  I would like to find out how to create a dynamic or interactive map field based on the contact address.

     I am quite happy with the basic starter solution Contact Template which does show the Google map but I am unable to zoom in or out or pan that map to see wider surroundings like what I could do that in Act.

     Also, can it have a functionality to generate driving directions.

     I would use this function a lot to understand more about the contact location and driving directions.  Essentially, I will be perfectly happy to see what Google Maps does as long as it can be integrated in this template.

     I am not an IT person.  So, I would greatly appreciate any help in accomplishing this in simple language or instructions.

     Thanks so much in anticipation...