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    Need help on FMPro creating summary



      Need help on FMPro creating summary


           I use FMP for my sales database. I am not real good at this and I need to create a summary(?) field for my sales for the year 2013. I also need my total cost paid for items for 2013. I have "Sold For: amount and "Sold Dates" but can't figure out how to create a formula for the year alone. Hopefully I explained this right.



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               Pretty tough to be specific when there are so few specifics in your post. How your table is structured, the format of the reports that you want to set up all make a huge difference.

               A summary field, for example can compute totals sales, and the total can be just for a specified year, but there are many implementation details to consider. From a related record that matches only to 2013 sales, the summary field will show the desired total. If you base your layout on your sales data table, perform a find for only 2013 data, you can get the same total, or a filtered portal could be used...

               You may find this tutorial on summary reports helpful: Creating Filemaker Pro summary reports--Tutorial

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                 Thanks for the answer. As I stated earlier, I am not very good at this. Loved Bento, was much easier for those of us that don't fully understand this program. When you say how is my table structured, I don't know what that means. I have a very simple layout that shows for each item I have, what I paid, date I bought it, date sold and for what amount. I just need something that doesn't show total sales but just total sales from the date sold area. Something like "if the sold date is between 01/01/2013 and 12/31/2013 what is the total amount". I tried to read your tutorial, just confused me more.



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                   Create a summary field based on the Sold For field.

                   Put summary field on the layout, preferably in the footer section (but if you are in Table View, then it probably won't help as much).

              Perform a Find for your date range. (Ex. Find Criteria: 01/01/2013...12/31/2013 in the Sold Dates field.)

                   Then look at the summary field.

                   PhilModJunk's tutorial says the same thing, but expands on this to make an organized and easily understandable report, but you just want a field.

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                     What does one record in your table represent?

                     A typical invoicing system has multiple tables linked in relationships. The invoices starter solutions that come with FIleMaker 12 and 13 for example have these relationships:


                     Each time you sell product to a customer, you create a new record in Invoices and use a Portal to InvoiceData to list each item sold in that transaction (2 screw drivers, 1 hammer....). Unit prices and other product details are looked up or referenced from the Products table.

                     With such a structure, you can set up a summary report based on InvoiceData that reports the total screw drivers, hammers etc sold (both quantities and dollar amounts) over a given time frame. That's basically how the tutorial I referred you to works.

                     The key is that your data has to be structured so that each different item sold is in a separate record. You don't use multiple fields or (God forbid) repeating fields to list multiple items sold in the same record--that makes the summary report you are asking for pretty much impossible to pull off.

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                       Thanks to both of you. Got it done.