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    Need Help On Transfer



      Need Help On Transfer


      Hi everyone, I need help on creating a transfer of items in our inventory.  What is the best way to create an items transfer where we can track our items using a serial number and date.  I've been trying to think about it for the past few days and can't seem to get it work.  I am able to create transfer of items but i can't track them sequentially.  

      Any ideas is deeply appreciated.


      Thank you in advance guys!

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          What design do you have in place now for tracking inventory changes and the location where each item is stored?

          Am I correct that a "transfer" logs inventory out of one location and into another?

          If you have a transactions table where a new record is added each time that you record a change in inventory, a "transfer" from one location to another can be logged by creating two records in that table--one to remove it from it's current location and one to add it to the new location.

          For an example of an Inventory Ledger type system, see: Managing Inventory using a Transactions Ledger