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    Need help setting up auto-fill lookup



      Need help setting up auto-fill lookup


      I have a customer database that I am setting up. At the bottom of the customer page, I would like a table that lists information from appointments with the particular customer. The formula in my head goes like this:

      If Customer:Fullname=Appointment:Fullname,


      Copy Appointment:Date to Customer:Date(On disp at bottom of Customer page)

      Copy Appointment:TimeIn to Customer:TimeIn(On disp at bottom of Customer page)



      I am new to databases, so please try to use simple terms. Thanks.


      Here are screenshots of the tables

      Customer Table

      Customer Table

      Appointments Table

      Appointments Table 

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          Hi hoyeboye

          I see that you have used the People Management starter file to create your solution. In the original Employee table that you are now using as your Customer table, there was a field called Employee ID. This was defined as an auto-entered serial number. It is this (rather than the full name) that should be used as the customer identifier in a relationship to their appointments.


          Therefore, your Appointment table should have an 'employer ID' field (or whatever you call it now), to act as a foreign key - the link back to the customer.


          The relationship you create between the customer and appointment tables will be:


          Customer::EmployeeID = Appointment::EmployeeID


          This will enable you to create a portal and display appointments for each customer.


          If in doubt, create another copy of the People Management file and have a look at the relationship between Employee and Goals.