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Need Help setting UP DB mult time based records

Question asked by calliex on May 14, 2010
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Need Help setting UP DB mult time based records


I have a medical database. I started this DB with FM8 and now moved up to FM11.

I use on both OSX and Windows XP.  We use it on both OS's


They are annoymous pt records for a cariac study. Each record has a unigue patient ID.

I need to add labs values for each record based on timestamp of 1-72 hours.

There will multile lab values for each timestamp.

I have initialy set individual data fields fore each time.


Time1  Ph1    C01   Sa01

Time2  Ph2    C02   Sa02


This make importing the data from a spreadsheet impossible.

Spreadsheet Example

Pt ID   Timestamp                  Ph     C0      Sa0

AAA1  1/8/2005 6:48              7.07   54       94

AAA1  1/8/2005 6:54              7.31   43       86

BBB1 1/24/2005 23:30:00   7.39   94        93


The amount of data for each patient vaires from a few hours to days.


Would an array be better?  If so how is one setup in Filemaker.


I am part time user of Filemaker over the last three years.  It a back burner job for me. In other words not what I was hired to do.  I have learned it from these forums and experimenting.