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Need help setting up ODBC connectivity

Question asked by AaronChang on Apr 27, 2012


Need help setting up ODBC connectivity


Hello Everyone,

I am trying to set up a ODBC connection to some FMP databases my company has. We have FileMaker Pro (not Server) installed on our company server and that's where the databases are housed. We also have FileMaker Pro installed on our individual computers and we remote access the databases on the server.

I am setting up the connection according to the ODBC/JDBC connection instructions. When I got to do the test connection, I get this error message: SequeLink Error: 3601 - [datadirect][odbcsequellinkdriver][sequellinkserver] authorisation failure.

Here are the settings:

The LDAP box is clear.

SequeLink Server Host: my server's IP address

SequeLink Server Port: 2399

Server Data Source: Correct file name with escape characters

Here's what I think may be going on: The ODBC connection is not working because I do not have FileMaker Server on our server computer. I'm not exactly sure why though. Can anyone confirm this? Does anyone know of a workaround so that I do not need to purchase FileMaker Server?

Thanks in advance for the help!