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Need help setting up portal on a tab

Question asked by jmageean on Oct 29, 2013
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Need help setting up portal on a tab


     I am becoming frustrated with the mechanics of setting up a portal on a tab & need help.  I setup the relationship between two tables.  In layout mode using the parent table I made the portal including selected fields from the related table.  The portal was placed below the fields of the parent table and shows the selected fields of the ported table.  Next I move all the fields off the layout to the gray area to the right..  I then made tabs on the layout.  Checked out the tabs - working fine.  I then moved the parent fields onto primary tab.  Looks good.  I then go to the next tab for the portal.  I move the portal to the tab by clicking on the portal and dragging it onto the tab.  The portal is moving with its fields.  I place it on the tab and release the drag.  The portal is on the tab and shows the handles around the portal (the full size of the portal).  The fields are not showing now even though I saw them dragging with the portal.  So I click outside the portal to get out of the editing mode of the portal.  Now the portal disappears.  Where did it go?  No matter where I click I cannot find it.  I cannot even figure out if it still exist.