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Need help setting up way to cross reference

Question asked by NeoTekCorp on May 28, 2013
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Need help setting up way to cross reference & display related records from multiple tables


     It was suggested by another on this forum (thanks PhilModJunk for the guidance and input) that someone may be able to help me with the following challenge.


     I'm making a database of about 150 words with all their synonyms and want to cross reference them with each other to see quickly where they overlap or have similarities. I entered all the words, prime as the table and the synonyms as individual records with field name being the same as the prime word (which I could easily change to have them all "synonyms" or something else). I've also included a couple master lists (words/phrases I want to cross-reference to those other words). Again it is the list with records in it being the words relevant to that list.

     So in a nutshell I've got about 150 tables (WORD1, WORD2, WORD3 ... WORD150) each with individual records for each synonym word,  as well as a few other tables with master lists (MASTER1, MASTER2, MASTER3) each with individual records for each "master" word. The end goal is to quickly be able to see where all the WORD synonyms overlap and have common synonyms (with a total count of occurences, again like the excell file) and then also perhaps apply some conditional formatting to easily show where those WORD synonyms also are common to the master word lists (again, I did this with the yellow highlighting conditional format in excel). 

     Thanks again for the input and advice.