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Need help to create a merge layout for certificates

Question asked by davidjackson on Mar 1, 2011
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Need help to create a merge layout for certificates


I'm a new user and have some issues I'm trying to resolve (I apologize in advance for my basic questions):

  • I've created a database that tracks individual referrals (and their value) by salespeople to a retaurant (we get a set of receipts that we then enter into the database).  That's easy.

  • I then need to (on a monthly basis) calculate the total owed in commissions (15%) to each salesperson and print a gift certificate (three certificates to an 8.5 X 11 page) to the restaurant for each salesperson.
  • Clearly I need to run a report that calculates totals for the month.  But I don't understand how to merge this into a print layout correctly.  I assume I need to develop a simple script that tells the merge process to print the total for salesperson 1, then go to the next salesperson and print theirs, etc.

Any help I can get is MOST appreciated.