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Need Help to Find and Replace Non-Printable Characters with HTML Entities

Question asked by AlexF on Mar 5, 2015
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Need Help to Find and Replace Non-Printable Characters with HTML Entities


Hello, I'm Alex

First a brief introduction of the situation I currently have in FileMaker, feel free to skip passed the underlined text if you already know the answer to my question.

Currently in our FileMaker Database we keep our data for our online products. The printed catalog pages are first designed using Adobe Indesign. Right now my job is to import new/updated data from our Power7 system into FileMaker, but not all of the data comes from there, just pricing and vendor info, etc...  I still have to enter in the description copy, indexing, item_image, etc.   

Anyhow, we get our text copy/data for the product description usually from an Adobe Indesign file of what we use for the Printed Catalog (The artists create the catalog pages using InDesign and enter the products description).

The way our data is currently handled for text fields is that we have to put in HTML entities by hand in FileMaker's text fields in order to properly format the text for our product descriptions when they show up on our website (ie: <b>Bold Text</b>  &#34;  &#45;  etc.).  What I'm trying to do is perform a search for hard returns and replace those with the proper html entity for a bulleted list (ie: <br />&#149; ).

I'm working with lots of bulleted lists, and I want to perform a find/replace for the hard return and replace it with: "<br />&#149; "   (without the quotes, and a space after the semi-colon).  Currently when I copy and paste these bulleted lists into FileMaker, the bullets do not show up if they are the first character in that line of text (the bullets will copy to the clipboard if the bullet is NOT the first character, but this isn't the case).  This would greatly improve my ability to enter in new data and keep our records tidy.


Thanks a bunch in advance if anyone can help me out.