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Need help w/ auto parts database model

Question asked by QuickRon on Jan 10, 2010
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Need help w/ auto parts database model


I'm new to FileMaker and need to create a database to manage auto parts. The biggest challenge I'm facing is how to best create the tables & relationships to manage the "applications" of the parts.


The main Product table will contain the data that is unique to each part (ie. part number, price, weight, image, etc.). But the "application" is different. One part number (or product) can fit different Years of different Makes and Models.


"Part234" can fit:
1987-2000 Chevy Tahoe
1987-2002 GMC Yukon
1986-1999 Chevy Suburban


So, what kind of table structure (& relationships) would I need to create to accommodate this kind of application data? Do I create a table for "Makes" and a different table for "Models"? Also, the Product and Makes tables would be Many-to-Many (1 product can fit many Makes and 1 Make can fit many products), so how would I set that up?


And how would I handle "Years"? If the format is "1987-2000 Chevy Tahoe", do I have a "Starting Year" and "Ending Year" fields? Do I have a table of just single years?


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