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Need help with a calculation

Question asked by claddam on Mar 16, 2009
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Need help with a calculation


Hi there,


I am currently making a database for a transport company and I need some help and advice if anyone can help me please.


So the scenario is that our coaches go to 2 different airports and 1 wharf.


I need to create something that tells the computer that if the trip is to Airport X, it will equal an amount. Also if the departure airport is the same at the arrival airport, it will calculate a return price. I need to include an Adult and Child price (I have fields that ask how many adults and children there are) so the price would be based on which airport, if it is o/way or return and how many passengers there are.


Also, we charge different rates for partners, affiliates, etc, so there are a list of accounts as well and they all have varied prices.


As you can see I don't even know where to begin. Can anyone help me please?


Many thanks,