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Need help with a calculation

Question asked by shae1725 on Mar 12, 2015
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Need help with a calculation


Needing a little help!
I have four fields with the following calculation,
Probably doesn't need explaining but what it does is check all four fields contents are less than zero then populate them all with a value entered into any one of the fields.
Let (
          L = List (Field1 ; Field2 ; Field3 ; Field4) ;
          Case ( Get ( RecordNumber ) = 1 ;
                         Case ( top  ≤  "0" ; Get ( ActiveFieldContents ) ;                        
                         Self );
I have redesigned my table and need another argument added to the above, but I am stuck!
I have a field in the same table called List, it contains a list of four values which I want entered into each of the above 4 fields. but I still want to be able to manually edit any of the 4 fields values, also if the field List changes I want the calculation to update the fields with the new values 
I know to use  GetValue ( List ; 1 )  for field1  GetValue ( List ; 2 ) for field2 etc
thanks in advance