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Need help with a calculation auto fill field

Question asked by shae1725 on Apr 9, 2014
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Need help with a calculation auto fill field


     Need a bit of help on this - Hope I described it correct


     I have a field in my table called    Temp_Position

     This field is to have values 001, 002 003 etc

     The Table is Filterd by found set based on field  Temp_Name and sorted by Temp_Position  Decsending

     I need away to auto fill the Temp_Position field as I create new records . I ALSO need it to recalculate the field if I delete a record

     If I create a new record with a  Temp_Name  Blue then its Temp_position would become 004

     If I delete for example    Record  5    BLUE       001    Then    Record 6  would become    Record 5    Blue   001   

     so for example if I look at the un filtered table

     I will see

     Record        Temp_Name                     Temp_Position

     1                         BOX                                              001

     2                         BOX                                              002

     3                         BOX                                              003

     4                         BOX                                              004

     5                         BLUE                                            001

     6                         BLUE                                            002

     7                         BLUE                                            003

     8                         RED                                              001