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Need help with a date field

Question asked by Sunny1 on Jun 11, 2014
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Need help with a date field


     Hi There,

     With FileMaker Pro, I am working on another aspect of my Outdoor Education Database.  We have a table of School Weeks that students go to outdoor ed.  Each School is assigned a given week in the outdoor ed season (john hancock goes week 11).  In the main database of student information that is imported from EXCEL that is completed by Admins at the schools, when we import the records for John Hancock school, we want it to populate the Week Number field in the Main Database with 11 from the School Weeks table.  This database was created by a consultant and has lots of items in it that make it hard to follow as to how they created things so little changes become time consuming.  Can you tell me how to get that field to populate with the week number from the other table?


     Thank you in advance.