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Need help with a Find Duplicates script ~ Beginner

Question asked by agprevite on Apr 7, 2009
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Need help with a Find Duplicates script ~ Beginner




I am trying to find/remove duplicates from a FM 9 database I created. I was able to find a script that would help in doing this but I am still a beginner and am having a hard time with it. I have everything linked through a unique ID number so at least I have step 1 correct. Where I am running into the issue is within the script commands

Here is the one I found:


Show All Records

Sort Records [Restore, No Dialog] sort by ID in ascending order

Go to Record /Request/Page [First]

Replace field contents [No Dialog, 'Mark', '''']   - This is where it begins to lose me, how do I add the '''' and what does it mean?

Set Field ['global', 'ID'] - how do I add the 'ID' part?


Go to Record/Request/Page [ Next, Exit after last]

If ['Global = ID']  - ???

Set Field ['Mark', '''X'''] - How do I add the '''X'''?


Set Field ['Global', 'ID'] -????

End If

End Loop

Perform Find [Restore] Find records when Mark = X


Basically, I am having an issue adding in the second criteria in the various steps.


Any help would be appreciated as I am under a deadline and this is the last thing I need to do.



~A :smileyhappy: