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    Need help with a layout design



      Need help with a layout design


      What I am trying to accomplish is layout 1 with all the fields on one
      line; however I cant get the total assignable sq ft field to separate
      offices and research.   I've expanded the layout to show you my fields and part/summaries.  Can anyone tell me how to do a layout with all fields on one row that will give me total sq ft field.  
      Layout 1 
      (Below) Layout 2 the data output is correct; however, I really do not want it in
      this format because when you export it in excel you cant manipulate the
      data because the office and research data fields are rows, not columns.
      (I've attached that as well to show you)
      Layout 2
      Dept #    Dept Name                           Type of Rm   # of Rms  Sq Ft         type of rm  #    Sq Ft

       2207000 Anesthesia And Peroperative Medicine   Office  41         6,700           Research  4       6,700

      Please note the above ouptut shows same sq ft, which is what I am trying to figure out how show correct sq ft. When done on two separate lines I can accomplish this but when you export it out into excel the office and research data is in rows and not columns.  I need columns so that sending to others they can manipulate the raw data.


      Layout 2 below shows output dept name # then type of room (office or research) # of rooms and amount of sq ft

      2207000 Anesthesia And Peroperative Medicine 

      Office   41      5,251  

      Research 4      1,449

      Everything I've searched, I couldn¹t find a layout to show one line
      across, everything is layered in parts/sub-summaries.

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          Parts and SubSummaries are much easier to do than the columns you want--which is why most examples use that method.

          Here's a way to get your data into columns, but I am assuming two tables here and that may not be what you have.


          Department::DepartmentID = RoomData::DepartmentID

          With that approach, you can use the horizontal portal method to get your room data displayed in a single row for each department.

          On a layout based on Department, add a series of one row portals to RoomData. Set up the first portal to display initial row 1, the second to show intial row: 2 and so forth so you can line up these portals in a row.

          Make this a list view layout and use Save as | Excel to save a copy from this layout and you can get an excel file with the data arranged in rows.

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            Thank you, unfortunately I am not that much of an expert in filemaker, so I was a bit lost in your answer. I tried to insert a portal; however, when doing so, the portal set wants you to select related records and the I only have one which is grayed out.  I want all my fields on one row but the output into excel in columns.  My layout 1 will do this however my data field isnt correct.  My layout two data ouput is correct but the excel output is in rows not columns.  I need all data in excel in columns, not some in columns and some in rows.  If this makes sense.

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              I need to know more about your database before I can explain in greater detail. As I explained in my last post, my suggested solution assumes that you have at least two tables linked in a relationship. I also assumed "rows" meant Records in your table.

              How have you set up your table(s) and how do you currently calculate the totals you need "When done on two separate lines I can accomplish this..."?

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                I guess poor choice of words to convery what i need help on. By two separate lines, I meant using sub-summary/parts. Im guessing the images of my layouts didnt post? Because this will show what my layout, what I want and what will give me the correct output. Below the layout is expanded so tha tyou can see fields and sub-summary. This is what I meant by all fields on one line.



                The layout 2 below is what gives me the correct output but I have to put the fields in separate sub-summaries


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                  seems like my layout images are not showing up, these images really show what I am doing or not doing correctly.

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                    I tried to upload the image for layout 2 this shows my layout using sub-summaries 

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                      What was the file format of the file you tried to upload? It should be of type GIF, JPG or PNG. Any other file format, such as bmp, will not appear when you try to upload it.

                      What does one record in your table look like? What does it record?

                      I think we can produce what you need with a third table where you have one record for each room type for each department that then computes a total from your existing table. This requires creating two new tables, but shouldn't be too hard to set up--even if you have existing data in your current table for which you need this capability.

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                        Is it possible to email you my filemaker file. I only have 1 table which I use for multiple layouts, at least for this one file.  I do use multiple (2) tables in other files. I want to create a template with this file, so using 2 or more tables makes it a bit more difficult (at elast for me) when updating information.

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                          Please post an example of what form a single record in your table takes. I don't know of any way to do this without using more than one table.