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Need help with a layout design

Question asked by CarolKhimani on Nov 16, 2011
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Need help with a layout design


What I am trying to accomplish is layout 1 with all the fields on one
line; however I cant get the total assignable sq ft field to separate
offices and research.   I've expanded the layout to show you my fields and part/summaries.  Can anyone tell me how to do a layout with all fields on one row that will give me total sq ft field.  
Layout 1 
(Below) Layout 2 the data output is correct; however, I really do not want it in
this format because when you export it in excel you cant manipulate the
data because the office and research data fields are rows, not columns.
(I've attached that as well to show you)
Layout 2
Dept #    Dept Name                           Type of Rm   # of Rms  Sq Ft         type of rm  #    Sq Ft

 2207000 Anesthesia And Peroperative Medicine   Office  41         6,700           Research  4       6,700

Please note the above ouptut shows same sq ft, which is what I am trying to figure out how show correct sq ft. When done on two separate lines I can accomplish this but when you export it out into excel the office and research data is in rows and not columns.  I need columns so that sending to others they can manipulate the raw data.


Layout 2 below shows output dept name # then type of room (office or research) # of rooms and amount of sq ft

2207000 Anesthesia And Peroperative Medicine 

Office   41      5,251  

Research 4      1,449

Everything I've searched, I couldn¹t find a layout to show one line
across, everything is layered in parts/sub-summaries.