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Need help with a Report creation.

Question asked by DJD on Dec 4, 2009
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Need help with a Report creation.


To simplify my situation, I have two tables: Projects and Savings.  There are (or can be) multiple Savings per Project.  Relationship Key is Project_ID.  I'm trying to create a simple report that lists each Project and then that Project's Savings detail as follows:


Project_ID, Project_City, Project_State, Savings::Savings_Type, Savings::Savings_Amount, Savings::Savings_Description

                                                      Savings::Savings_Type, Savings::Savings_Amount, Savings::Savings_Description



As an example, if a Project has multiple Savings Types then I want the first Savings Type to list on the same line as the Project Information, then any and all subsequent Savings Types I want to list under the first line of Savings Information and then all Savings Amounts for that Project are totaled.


I have tried Sub-Summaries and Portals but I can't seem to get the information to list out properly.  I'm not sure if the Layout should use the Projects Table or the Savings Table (I've tried both) and I have tried different Sorting options.


FMPro V. 10.03


FMPro Novice


Thank you for any and all help.