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Need help with a script between two csv files

Question asked by JustinI on Dec 16, 2013
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Need help with a script between two csv files


     Hi All-

     Working on a very difficult database issue.  I have 2 databases:  (File 1)    (File 2)

     (File 1)  Contains 1 column.  This column contains "Category Names" separated by a semicolon and a space proceeding the semicolon.

     File 1 Ex: 

                    Category-A; Category-C; Category-D
                    Category-D; Category-E

     (File 2) contains 2 columns.  The first part of the column is a "Category ID" which is numerical based. the second column is the "Associated Category Name" to the Category Number.

     File 2 Ex:

                    Category ID                     Category Name
                    37                     Category-A
                    38                     Category-B
                    39                     Category-C
                    40                     Category-D

     What I need to do, is to make the first file based solely on the "Category ID"  WITHOUT the space after the semicolon.  So the result SHOULD look like this:



     Now, File 1 is a HUGE file, with over 269,000 lines.  I was trying to do this manually, but there HAS to be a better way!   File 2 is only around 61 lines, starting at ID number "37"

     Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!


     Thanks, Best Regards & Happy Holidays!