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Need help with a Work Issue Tracking FM PRO 8 Database

Question asked by Bob_Perez on Jun 1, 2009
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Need help with a Work Issue Tracking FM PRO 8 Database


Fellow FileMaker users,


I have FM PRO 8 and have created a Data Entry Form for Work Issue Tracking.  I have split the form into 2 halves, top and bottom.  The bottom half has a number of fields like Date, Time, IssueID#, Category, Issue, Description, etc... , about 30 fields to track customer issues.


I want to place in the top half of the form, that is currently empty, a Table that has just some of the fields in the record.  I want to have it when I hilite or select a row in the top table that the resulting data in all the fields of the bottom half of the form change to the correct corresponding record.


I have searched on the internet alot and cannot find the information that can help.


I need some type of simple step by step procedure to accomplish this , or an example that I can extrapolate, how to do it on my database.


Any help would be appreciated.



Bob PerezMy Database format