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need help with address label script/calculation

Question asked by gmonks on Feb 27, 2009
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need help with address label script/calculation


Ok heres my dilemma.

I'm using Pro 8.5 Contact Management Database to make some mailing labels from my database.

I have a field called Full Name 2 which is a calculation of Title 2 & " " & First Name 2 & " " & Last Name 2.  The end result being Ms. Jane Doe.  The same goes for Full Name 1.

On many entries we have Mr. & Mrs. John Doe as the result of Full Name 1, and only "Jane" in the field First Name 2.  So on my address labels I have it set up to display this.

<<Full Name 1>>

<<Full Name 2>>

Now most of the time Full Name 2 will cancel itself out because there is no information in any of the referenced fields, but because there is a name in First Name 2 I end up getting this on my mailing labels.

Mr. & Mrs. John Doe


1234 West Street



I need to figure out a way to get the calculation Full Name 2 to cancel itself out if there is no information in Title 2, filemaker of course only lets it cancel itself if theres no information whatsoever.  I have tried different approches within the calculation for Full Name 2 and in the scripts I run to get into the address labels with no luck.  Clearly I'm not quite thinking in the Filemaker Pro language.

Does anyone know the script or calculation that I can use to get this to work??