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need help with Automated action script

Question asked by nader on Jun 11, 2009
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need help with Automated action script


hello everyone.

I have a small care home and for that i have made a database of staff and residents.

In the employees table I have a list of employees with different qualifications and based on their performance they each have a performance score of 5 to 25.

I am trying to set up and automated Roster so that 4 employees be assigned to a shift, 2 with a performance score of 10 or above and 2 with PS of less than 10. There are 3 different type of shifts in a day Morning(M) Afternoon (A) and Night (N)

I have assigned a script to each day of the rote field so taht on entre script searches for the staff who have score of more than 10 and then set field to assign a shift to that employee. but so far it is not working properly as I wanted it to, can somone please direct me to a proper way of doing this as my little knowledge of FMP 10 is obviously not enough to make the script work.


Thank you all for your help on this matter.