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    Need help with calc fields



      Need help with calc fields


      Hello Again!

      I am using FM11 on a MacBook Pro.  I am trying to create a 'ticker tape of totals', (for lack of a better description), leading up to the grand total.

      I have attached my layout in this post, in the middle of the layout you will see a red square that denotes where the data entry takes place.  Below that you will see another red square that denotes where the 'ticker tape of totals' is.  As a value is put into one of the fields, I need the new sum of all the values to be added to the 'ticker tape'.  

      Thanks for your help!


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          The use of individual fields is really complicating your solution here.

          You have 48 betting fields (don't see any repeating fields here, correct?)

          You have 16 "total" fields.

          What I don't see is which subset of fields in the betting grid correspond to a given field in the "totals" grid.

          If all of these betting fields are individual fields, you'll need a separate calculation for each field in the bottom block that simply list the fields to be totaled, separated by plus signs. Field1 + field2 + field3 + ....

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            Thanks for your response Phil.  

            I only have 16 'ticker tape' fields because I'm still developing the solution.  Once I figure it out I'll put in the rest.  You might remember me, I'm the guy developing a 'betting' solution for a TV poker show.  The idea is to keep a running chip count of the 6 players at out televised final table.  With your help, (and others on this forum), I have been able to program a solution for the chip counts, their percentage of the chips in play, and time stamps for the length of the hand, (which also calculates the total time of the final table).

            All that's left is the ability to have a visual step-by-step of the pot size as it grows with each players bet.  

            Is there a way to do a single 'ticker tape' field that will insert the sum of the bets as they happen?

            An EXAMPLE of what the 'ticker tape' should look like.....2,000, 4,000, 6,000, and so on, (assuming our players are betting 2,000 each).

            Right now I have the 'RunTot2' field set up as a calculation which is below:

            Case (Blind1 ≠ "X"  and Bet1 > 0 ; Bet1 + RunTot1 ; Blind2  ≠ "X"  and Bet9 > 0 ; Bet9 + RunTot1 ; Blind3  ≠ "X" and Bet17 > 0 ; Bet17 + RunTot1 ; Blind4 ≠ "X" and Bet25 > 0; Bet25 + RunTot1 ; Blind5 ≠ "X" and Bet33 > 0 ; Bet33 + RunTot1 ; Blind6 ≠ "X" and Bet41 > 0 ; Bet41 + RunTot1)

            This solution works well.  It ignores the 'blinds', (so they are not added twice), and inserts the sum of the 1st bet made + 'RunTot1'. 

            What, (if any), is the solution to have the different 'RunTot' fields recognize when it's previous RunTot field has a value and then inserts the sum of the NEXT bet + the previous RunTot into the next RunTot field? 

            I'm also willing to try a completely different approach if this one is way off the mark.

            Thanks again for your help,