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Need help with calculation/summary for report

Question asked by jdevans on Jun 3, 2015
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Need help with calculation/summary for report


I have a table that collects hours worked by each employee. Each record contains, date worked, hours worked, account worked and employee.

hours_worked is a number field, and it is what the employee enters in manually as they charge their time to the system.

total_hours is a summary field that is a sum of hours_worked, and is a cumulative total of all hours put into the system by all employees.

I'm putting together a sub-summary report and part of it works great, but one piece I'm having trouble extracting is % of an employee's own monthly total worked on each account.

For example, if I worked 100 hours for the month, but 25 of those hours were to an XYZ account, then 25% of MY time was spent on XYZ account, I need to report that.

Right now what I'm getting is my percentage of the total of everyone's time.

I can run a find against that data, and pull out everyone's time for a given month, but in that report, I also need to see each individual's ratio breakdown as well.