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    Need help with chart



      Need help with chart


           Trying to create a simple bar chart.  My data consists of 2500 dates (field name: DRF) representing events that occurred during the past several decades.  I'm trying to create a chart to display how many of these events occurred during each year.  I created a field to extract the year from the DRF field.  I created a field to count the DRFs.  Result is a mess.  It seems simple enough to count the number of DRFs per year and display as a bar chart.  What am I missing?

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               Which version of FIleMaker are you using? The settings are the same, but the chart setup wizard has changed in appearance.

               First you need a summary field that counts some never empty field in your table such as the date field.

               Select your year field for the x-axis and the summary field for y.

               The key is to then select the "summary data/groups of records when sorted" option and then to sort your records by the year field.