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need help with chart sorting

Question asked by denno on Feb 15, 2013
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need help with chart sorting


     I have a database that is tracking ultrasound exams performed. One of the fields is ExamType. I am trying to create a chart that displays the number of scans of each ExamType performed, displayed from highest count to lowest.


     I have the Summary field:

     exam type count = Count of ExamType


     I have the Calc field:

     exam type count by exam = GetSummary ( exam type count ; ExamType)


     I created a chart with X axis of "ExamType" and Y axis of "exam type count by exam" with data point grouping enabled. When I have the records sorted by ExamType, the chart works but it's ordered by exam. I can't figure out how to sort "exam type count by exam" in descending order and have the chart display properly.