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Need help with complicated field that requires two different actions.

Question asked by xxx202xxx on Dec 8, 2010
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Need help with complicated field that requires two different actions.


Current Scenario -

A Tech opens a trouble ticket, his account name auto-populates TicketTable::OriginatorTicketTable::Department (Dropdown List_of_Departments from the CompanyTechs Table) and TicketTable::FullName (Dropdown List_of_Techs from the CompanyTechs Table) can be populated through the use of conditional value-lists. (Thanks to the FM Forums for the help on that one).

Hopeful Scenario -

What I would like to have happen now when a Tech creates a new ticket is to continue to have his account name auto-populate TicketTable::Originator but this time around I want his/her credentials to also auto populate TicketTable::Department and TicketTable::FullName without having to use the dropdown lists to find their own name and department.  At the same time, if the tech wants to reassign the ticket to another person in a different group then the conditional value-lists will still work too. 

Tables are related using multiple table instances and multiple tables.  For this example the, "TicketTable::TechID" is related to "CompanyTechs::TechID" even though the Actual TechID values are not visable on the TicketTable's Layout.  The TicketTable is a Layout that pulls data from several other Tables.  The CompanyTechs table consist of only 4 fields; TechID, Full Name, Department and Email.