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Need help with creating a report in filemaker

Question asked by Dennisyang on Jan 23, 2013
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Need help with creating a report in filemaker


     Hi there,


     I am having trouble with all these report making.

     I just wondering if anyone can help me get this all together. So I have a database with all the money that I collected starting 2009 in different activities. I want to create a report that can generate the following, 

     A report that shows Ending balance of each year.


     It should appear like this


                       Soccer                       Volleyball               Basketball

     2009          $50                                  $60                           $70                       (this will also be the carry over for next year)

     2010          $100                                 $120                       $140                    

     2011          $120                                 $140                        $40                    


     This is one part of the report.


     I also want another report that can show the following

     Date                         Soccer                Basketball                         Baseball

     01/12/2012                50

     01/13/2012                                                    20






     Total                            50                     20


     This can easily be done in excel, but it is hard to show on filemaker the income of all different activites.


     Thank you very much for your help!!!