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Need help with creating Income and Dues Relational Tables

Question asked by KevinO'Neill on Dec 29, 2011
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Need help with creating Income and Dues Relational Tables


Greetings and thank you for your time.


I am Secretary for a Masonic Lodge.

I have created a Member database.

Each Member pays yearly dues and this is a source of income. Some members are excused "Remitted" from dues (Age, Hardship)

Dues for 2012 are 80.00 for Regular members. 40.00 for Dual members. (Dual is Members who belong to another Lodge as well and that was their original  "mother" Lodge"

Dues amounts change every year. (PS they never go down. HaHa)

Members who don't pay within the calendar year are classified as "In Arrears". After two years they may be "suspended" and lose mebership.

The Lodge has other sources of income eg. donations, fundraisers

I want to be able to set up two tables 1. Income 2. Dues

I want to be able to enter all income, whether Dues or Other, via the Income table

That would mean that when the category in the income table is "Dues" then that record would populate over into the dues table.


I am having trouble thinking how to do this, and wondering if I even need a seperate "Dues" Table


The idea on a report would be to find all members dues status. That status could be in the Member table.

who pays what - Regular 80  or Dual 40

who's dues are outstanding for each calendar year

if status is "Paid in full" or "Current" then all is good

otherwise  if within calendar year "still outstanding" is returned

if 1 year behind "in arrears" is returned

if 2 years behind "in jeopardy of suspension for NPD" is returned (Non Payment of Dues)


Maybe I just need an income Table then do a search for Category "Dues" then a whole bunch of comparisons need to be done.


Any way. All help is appreciated.


Thank you.