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Need help with custom function basics

Question asked by Stu412 on May 5, 2015
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Need help with custom function basics


Hi there

I've a requirement for an upper quartile calculation in FM and I've found the one on Brian Dunning's site here

I've every faith in the routine but I'm not 100% how to integrate it into my data and make it work.  I've never used a CF before so a bit stuck!

I have a very simple table of data for this requirement which shows values against customers:

Customer ID | Total

1                 | 1000

2                 | 1650

3                 | 2000

I've insert the CF into my function list but I'm not certain what the function parameters should be, nor am I certain whether I need to substitute any field names (ie, swap out 'valuelist' as seen on the link) for example.

Any help appreciated,

Thanks in advance