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Need help with database structure

Question asked by StevenZangwill on Apr 8, 2013


Need help with database structure


     I need to build a basic database to manage a multi-institutional research trial. The needs are rather simple as we will use a separate product for data warehousing and analysis. I need to allow centers to login to my filemaker solution via the web, enter coded data for study patients and then for each patient, fill out numerous simple dataforms with each form being associated with a unique sample code. Sample lables will be printed and the samples (blood) will then be shipped to the study center for processing. Just having trouble envisioning the structure at the outset. Is it one file where each study participant has numerous forms and samples associated with them - or do I create two separate files, one for patients and one for forms and samples? Ive done enough database development in the past with filemaker that once I come up with the right structure, I'll be able to run with the rest (I think). Appreciate any thoughts. Thanks