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    Need Help with Export to Excel



      Need Help with Export to Excel


      Hello everyone, I'm new to filemaker and this forum Smile

      So I am creating two buttons on my database- One exports and emails the records to pdf with password protection,

      and the other button exports and emails to excel-- my boss is asking to password-protect both formats but I can't seem to find password/encryption options for Excel. Help!

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          I haven't done this myself, but extrapolating from the posts here made by others,..

          I think you'd need to set up a password protected Excel file that imports the date exported from your database (as excel, csv or tab), into the protected file. Send Event can be used from FileMaker to run a v script in an Excel file (or so I've read) to import data, but the password protection may prevent you from using that option, you may have to do the final step manually after opening the excel file.