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Need help with Filemaker

Question asked by VictorPregen on Jun 25, 2015
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Need help with Filemaker



We need to buy some kind of database system to our company as our database is getting to big for excel. But there is one feature that is absolutely vital to our business. Before we make a purchase we need to know if FileMaker has this feature:

We need to be able to delete or mask entries in the database that corresponds to a specific list of rules. For example we have a list with words. if any of the entries in the database contains these words i will be deleted. We also want to be able delete entries that begins with with a word in the list or ends with a word from a list.

Basically we want import several "delete search words" and then delete all the entries in the database with match this search words.

I have been looking all over the web to se if this feature exists in Filemaker but i have not been able to find an answer.