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    Need help with Filemaker



      Need help with Filemaker



      We need to buy some kind of database system to our company as our database is getting to big for excel. But there is one feature that is absolutely vital to our business. Before we make a purchase we need to know if FileMaker has this feature:

      We need to be able to delete or mask entries in the database that corresponds to a specific list of rules. For example we have a list with words. if any of the entries in the database contains these words i will be deleted. We also want to be able delete entries that begins with with a word in the list or ends with a word from a list.

      Basically we want import several "delete search words" and then delete all the entries in the database with match this search words.

      I have been looking all over the web to se if this feature exists in Filemaker but i have not been able to find an answer.


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          You've asked a very general question, but the devil is in the details.

          The general answer is "Yes". You can set up a system that enables you to find records where a field starts with or contains specific text and then you can  delete those records. You can even clear just the field and leave the rest of the record.

          You can also prevent specific text from being entered into such a field in the first place.

          But keep in mind that FileMaker is a development platform. It won't come with much in the way of a ready made solution so someone will need to set up this database for you and FileMaker does not work exactly like Excel so people transitioning from Excel to FileMaker sometimes struggle with the change in interface and underlying differences in how data is stored and referenced.

          Best bet is to download the 30 day free trial install of FileMaker and see what you can do with it. You can ask questions here in the forum as you do so or spend some time with the various training resources available. If you do decide to use FileMaker, get one copy of FileMaker Advanced for each person that will be doing any kind of serious database design work on your database. This version has tools that can save you hours of frustration diagnosing problems in your database design and also allows you to customize user interfaces in ways not possible just with FileMaker Pro. Save FileMaker Pro for your users to use on the database that you use Advanced to create.