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Need help with Find Request

Question asked by mattb on Mar 6, 2014
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Need help with Find Request


     FMP 12 - Macintosh

     I'm trying to perform what should be a simple Find request, but am not sure what's missing here.  I have a table with 200 records and one of the fields in the table is a Number field that contains the actual numbers 1-200 sequentially.  I would like to perform a Find request that produces a subset result based on a starting and ending range, but it only works if I enter literal numbers.  For example, if I want to show records that start at 50 and end at 60, if I input "50...60" in the field that contains the numbers and Perform Find, the results are what's expected.

     But if I stuff 2 public variables ($$x and $$y) to represent the range the Find doesn't work.  Likewise with 2 global fields I added to the table that holds the beginning and ending range values.  Ultimately this needs to be a Find Request called from a script, so the literal numbers can't be known ahead of time.  What do I need to make this work??  Thanks in advance...


     Matt Bloomfield