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    Need help with finding REAL exact match.



      Need help with finding REAL exact match.


      I have been attempting to find an exact match with a script ran find. I am aware of using the "==" for full field matches, but it is not really an exact match. Currently the "==" operator will not check the upper or lower case of the characters. Does anyone have a way to perform a find that will check for an exact match including the case of the characters?


      Thank you in advance. 

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          Seems like something FileMaker should have an operator for, but doesn't.

          This method won't make for a fast search, but should work.

          Define a global Text field: gMatchText

          Define a calculation field, cExactMatch:

          Exact ( gMatchText ; YourNameField )

          This field will be unstored and this makes for slow searches, but now you can enter AbcDE in gMatchText and searching for a 1 in cExactMatch will find all records where the text in YourNameField is AbcDE, omitting ABCDe.

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            Thank you for your fast response. I am using this particular system over IWP so speed is a factor. I will try this out and post how fast or not it works over IWP. Thank you again.


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                   Brian Overby:

                   Guess it worked and are so excited that forgot to post, or didn't work and too dissapointed to report.


                   am interested in your findings and would appreciate your commentary.



                   that natively Filemaker should perform this function is an understatement.

                   its absurd to even think of telling a client it can't be done,

                   specially when the user has been accustomed to the search likes of Adobe Acrobat, Google, 

                   and even MS Word.


                   Technically, the relaxed, or literal word searches are more advanced than an exact search, and

                   understand that exact field match combined

                   with proper field creation and usage should be more than enough,

                   but its not a real world scenario.

                   in ideal database world should be, but isn't.


                   Plus, sometimes the Practical and dumb user knows exactly what they are looking

                   for contained within a large body of text, or even a few chraracter text field.


                   settle and accept? No choice for now, but that is not my style.

                   which is why the post, seeking a solution to a 'should do but...'


                   any one have a practical solution?

                   it would follow that Quickfind should allow for an Exact Literal/Whole Word Phrase.

                   Exact Match Field excluded, lest an option drop down menu to select the Field is also given.

                   and how about an option drop down to avoid right mouse click or typing in the operator.

                   (OP-Brian, hi-jack, thanks for bringing up the issue).