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Need help with first FMP11 Script

Question asked by DarrenC on Aug 18, 2014
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Need help with first FMP11 Script


     Hi all! I'm a longtime FM user, but have no experience with scripting. For my first script, what I am trying to do appears fairly straightforward, but I'm having trouble finding the right syntax.

     Here's what I want to do:

     In a database in table view, I wish to perform the following function:

if [field A] contains [this text],

print [this text] in [field B]

     Basically checking the value on one field (column) and then printing a note in a separate notes field (column).

     This also represents the script results, if "Apple" was the Field A value and "Yes" was the print to Field B value.

Field A          Field B

Apple            Yes


Apple             Yes

     Many thanks for taking a look...