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Need help with header on FMP printouts please

Question asked by bobio01 on Aug 9, 2014
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Need help with header on FMP printouts please


     I am a FMP neophyte that needs help with a simple printout question.  I reluctantly converted from Bento to FMP recently, and apologize for perhaps not using the correct terminology to ask this question.  All of my databases are very simple.  An example is one with two fields - name of vaccination and date administered.  When I print the converted database (Bento to FMP) out I get all of the data in the two fields, but no longer have printed the title/header (not sure of proper term) on the first page.  This simply reads "Immunizations-John Doe).  This title(?)  displays in the layout mode of FMP, but not in the Browse Mode from which I print.  Hence, I do not get the desired header/title printed in FMP as I did in Bento.  In FMP when I print I am in the Browse Mode with "View as Table" checked.  How do I add the desired header/title to the first page for the printout.  Thank you!