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Need Help With Hi-res (100MB) Image Database

Question asked by DustinGrella on Nov 23, 2010
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Need Help With Hi-res (100MB) Image Database


"I am familiar with FileMaker Pro and have used it to set up an online library reservation and checkout system. That being said, I know that I'll need help from an expert before I even begin this next project.

I want to set up a very simple database of which each entry will be exactly the same and include:

1 hi-res image (100MB)
1 low-res image (6MB)
1 text field (100K)
10 ID tags

The database will have 3000 entries today and over the next 20 years will grow to 10000. It will only be viewable locally for now, but would like the option to put it up online eventually. My question is how should I set up the database so that I can quickly search through the images and not let it get bogged down by the (3000x100MB) 3GB of data? Should I include the images in the database or just set up a reference for them? I am including the low-res image so that the database is easier to page through, and then if they need the hi-res image they can download it.