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    need help with hiding objects on a layout



      need help with hiding objects on a layout


      Good day everyone,


      Just trying out FMP 13 here and seeing what new features we got :)

      Im playing right now with the HIDE object feature which works very well.

      Im curious though to see if FMP 13 or any other version allow me to do the following:

      I have a form i replicated within FMP and lets say that for the time being, its seperated in 3 sections.

      Im able to hide lets say the middle one, is there a way for section 3 to be automatically adjusted right below Section 1?? And if i where to un-hide Section 2, it's re-inserted in its rightful place and Section 3 is bumpred down again.

      I know that incorporating layouts that mimic this behavior is possible, im trying to see if its atainable without creating numerous variations of the same layout over and over again to acieve this behavior.


      Thank you very much,


      PAt rick


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          But what kind of object is each "section"? In general terms, what you describe only works if you use preview mode or print/save as PDF to display your layout with the "section" hidden. Then sliding objects and a resizing layout part can remove the blank space created when the objects in the section are hidden.

          But in Browse mode, you'll need to use other methods.

          If this is straight data being displayed and not edited, you might be able to use a "virtual list" technique where a calculation field displays the data from multiple fields/records and omits fields/records when they need to be "hidden", but I suspect you need something more.

          You'll probably need dual layouts to make this happen for you.

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            Hi PhilModJunk,


            "Sections" here was used in order to illustrate as much as possible my delima. But basically i wanted to hide parts of my layout and then what ever followed, would be push upwards to fill-in the gape from my hiding of objects. Of course i can hide a filed here and there without worying about the layout, but if i take out entire "sections" of that layout, i needed to be able to "push" everything that remians together without the gap in between. I was hopping not to have to revert to dual layouts for this, but ive been away from developing in filemaker for a while and with version 13, i thought it might just have that solution hiding away somewhere :)



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              I would recommend exploring other layout design options that eliminate the need for this "feature that does not exist".

              Tab controls, for example, can break up your data into sections without the need to  fill in gaps due to hidden "sections".

              In some list view type layouts, you can put information in sub summary layout parts and then make them appear and disappear by changing the sort order to include/exclude the sub summary part's "when sorted by" field in/from the sort order.

              And popovers can be used to display information and a slide control placed inside the popover can be used to selectively display entirely different "layout sections".

              Of course, none of the above options will work in every scenario, but if you can make them work for you, the results can be really impressive at times. I've included a whole section on putting slide controls inside of popovers in my forthcoming "Adventures In FileMaking #2" for that reason.