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need help with hiding objects on a layout

Question asked by pat_pai on Sep 9, 2014
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need help with hiding objects on a layout


Good day everyone,


Just trying out FMP 13 here and seeing what new features we got :)

Im playing right now with the HIDE object feature which works very well.

Im curious though to see if FMP 13 or any other version allow me to do the following:

I have a form i replicated within FMP and lets say that for the time being, its seperated in 3 sections.

Im able to hide lets say the middle one, is there a way for section 3 to be automatically adjusted right below Section 1?? And if i where to un-hide Section 2, it's re-inserted in its rightful place and Section 3 is bumpred down again.

I know that incorporating layouts that mimic this behavior is possible, im trying to see if its atainable without creating numerous variations of the same layout over and over again to acieve this behavior.


Thank you very much,


PAt rick