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Need help with Inventory Starter Template

Question asked by pad-man on Jan 23, 2013
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Need help with Inventory Starter Template


     First using FMP12, and Go for iPad and iPhone. Sole user. Here are the edits I need helo with. These are the first modifications I am making to the template and am uncertain how to do them. First, I do not need all of the data fields but have left the template in it's default. Here is what I am trying to accomplish: I need to list the inventory of a medical/first aid kit, getting a total cost of all the items in the bag plus the bag it self. So for example I need to stock the kit with 10 band aids. I purchased a box of 100 for $10.00. I dont need to differentiate a unit cost and unit price  becasue I am not reselling the items, I am only dispensing them. So what I would like to have is another filed which will yield a cost per piece, inother words 100 count band aids at $10 results in a $0.10 cost per piece. When I enter values into the transaction I would like  the 10 band aids show up as the Units on hand, with a value of $1.00 and each time a band aid goes out it will calculate the units on hand and also trigger the restock value. 

     Once I have this incorporated, I would like to have a button on the FileMaker Go, so all I have to do is hit a button/image/icon and the touch will deduct one piece per each touch or a wheel with numbers to choose the number of pieces (band aids, advil....) dispensed and have it time stamped so I can produce a report based on what was dispensed and when it was dispensed and how many so I may get an actual cost of dispensed items ..... 

     Other relavent info: populated the database with 70 items and images. I do not need weight, bar code, dimension fields, lot number. All other fields have been populated. I may want to make a table and add what job this kit is assigned to and add that as a field.


     Thank you in advance for your time and assistance.