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Need help with invoicing solution

Question asked by StylisticGambit on Jul 27, 2013
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Need help with invoicing solution


     I need help designing an invoicing solution that is slightly different from the standard one.
     1.  The INVOICES table is in a many-to-many relationship with the PRODUCT_GROUPS table.  Each invoice contains multiple product groups, and each product group can be on multiple invoices.
     2.  The PRODUCT_GROUPS table is in a many-to-many relationship with the PRODUCTS table.  Each product group contains multiple products, and each product can be in multiple product groups.
     In my mind, I envision something like the following during data entry:
     A.  The user visits a layout and creates a new invoice with multiple product groups on it.
     B.  The user then visits a second invoice which lists all of the corresponding products for the product groups on the first invoice, and selects quantities for each product.
     Can anyone provide tips for creating a solution like this?  Here are some specific questions I have:
     Will I need one or two (or three?) join tables?  (Which table occurences will I need?  What will the ERD look like?)
     How do I generate the second invoice (containing individual products) from the first one (containing only product groups)?
     Thank you!