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Need help with lengthy dropdown list

Question asked by BobRusch on Sep 24, 2014
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Need help with lengthy dropdown list


I am a pretty new user, and now developing my first application.  Things are going well, but I am a little stumped with a dropdown list problem.

My application involves making kits.  These are boxes that are sent to customers with various items put inside them.  In my kit layout, there is a portal for the kit line items, similar to detail line items  on an invoice layout.

The idea is to add items to the kit through the portal.  I set up a dropdown list where I can pick the part number of the detail line item, and enter a quantity.

 The line items in the portal use a foreign key (_fkItemId ) that is related to  the Item file (__pkItemId).  I have approximately 35,000 items in the Item file.  My dropdown box works fine, but since the data type in the relationship is a number, I cannot use Auto Complete to type in partial Item Numbers.  This means that I must scroll through to find the right item number, which is time consuming given that there are 35,000 items.

I would like to be able to either have an autocomplete function as I type, or hit a lookup button that will allow me find the product and then populate the portal row based on my lookup.

Thank you!