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Need Help with Library Catalog Numbers

Question asked by CRHawk on Jun 18, 2010
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Need Help with Library Catalog Numbers


Hello All,

My Setup:  Mac OS 10.6.4, Filemaker 11, Novice, No Network...Solo Macbook

I am a band director trying to set up a catalog system for our sheet music library that groups the music on the shelf for easy browsing.  I would like to use a numbering system for each entry based on the following criteria:

1) Category (Concert, Marches, Christmas, Jazz Band)
2) Grade (anything from 0.5 to 5.0 in increments of .5)
3) A sequential 3 digit number within each Category and Grade

I would like the catalog number to formatted as XX-00-000 whereas the first two letters are the first two letters of the category, the 2nd two numbers are the grade (multiplied x 10 to remove the decimal) and the last three digits is automatically generated after Category and Grade are selected, so that each piece within each grade & within each category starts at 001.

For example:

Concert Pieces at grade 0.5 would be catalogued CO-05-001, CO-05-002, etc.
Concert Pieces at grade 1.0 would be catalogued CO-10-001, CO-10-002, etc.
Marches at grade 0.5 would be catalogued for MA-05-001, MA-05-002, etc.

So, if I want to look at all of the Grade 3 Christmas music, they’re all together on the shelf.  If I order a new grade 3 Christmas piece, the new catalog no. will be in sequence with the other Grade 3 Christmas pieces.

I am new to Filemaker and have very limited database experience.  I did manage to create the following fields:

Category (with drop down menu)
Grade (with drop down menu)
Serial  (Auto-enter Serial)
Cat. No (my best attempt) = Category & "-" & Grade * 10 & "-" &  SerialIncrement("000" ; Serial)  

This obviously did not abbreviate the Category, and the serial was essentially just a 3 digit counter, but I wanted you to know the extent of my ignorance before you reply,  This whole "Specify Calculation" language is kinking my butt.

I appreciate any help and...type SLOWLY. :smileywink: