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Need help with linking 2 DB's

Question asked by lwarren on Sep 20, 2010
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Need help with linking 2 DB's


Howdy All,

I need assistance figuring out the best solution to this challenge- I have created a db of our customers products that has 2 layouts, one with a "form view" visual jpg of the product, the other a "list view" that has product#, date fileds, description, etc. with some of our company internal info. This is shared using IWP internally. We want one of the customers (cust. A) to be able to view just their products & not the other customers products plus not be able to view the "list view" layout.

Is this possible? Or will I have to copy the db & re-configure the fields to only show cust. A's products, & share it with IWP? Is there a way to link or establish a relationship between 2 db's so I wouldn't have to enter all the data 2x?

Any & all help appreciated.