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    Need help with muliple portals on same layout



      Need help with muliple portals on same layout


      I have a quotes dB.  Each quote can have multiple buildings, each with its own line item.  It is set up like this:


      Quotes                                                  Building                               Line Items

      ID  <------------------------------------> Quote ID

      CurrentBuilding <----------------->Building#

                                                          BuildingID <-------------------->BuildingID



      I have a layout that shows the quote, a 1-row Building portal and a line items portal.

      What I want to be able to do is have the quote automatically go to Building# 1 when a user opens a quote.  Users also need to have multiple quotes open simultaneously.   I tried OnRecordLoad and OnLayoutLoad scripts to reset CurrentBuilding to 1 but the script triggers too much, not just when I load the record.  Hints?

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          Do you have one relationship or two linking Quotes to Building?

          I can read your post as a "multi-predicate" relationship--a relationship with more than one pair of match fields, or as two different relationships, each with their own pair of match fields.

          Which do you have.

          I'd use a multiple row portal to building with just this relationship:

          Quotes::ID = Building::Quote ID

          Then I'd add a second relationship:

          Quotes::CurrentBuilding = LineItems::BuildingID AND
          Quouts::ID = Lineitems::Quote ID

          and use that for my second portal.

          A button in the portal row of the first portal or a script trigger on it can perform this script:

          Set Field [ Quotes::CurrentBuilding ; Building::Building ID ]

          That way, I can view/edit/create/delete line items for a current building record in the lineitems portal by clicking a row in the building portal. A conditional format can be used to highlight the currently selected row in the building portal to help the user keep track of which building record is currently selected.

          Note: I used a second pair of match fields in the second relationship so that you can list the same building on multiple quoates and still only see the line items for a given building specific to the current quote.

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            I have a multi-predicate relationship.  I don't have enough room for a multi-row portal to building as there are too many fields to be displayed in the building dB  (the layout is seriously packed, but I don't know how to get around it--data entry is not linear).


            If I do stick with a one-line portal for building, any suggestions of how to get CurrentBuilding to reset to 1 every time a user opens the quote?



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              Which is true about your building table?

              1) You have one and only one record for each building.

              2) You have multiple records for the same building, each linked to a specfic quote record.

              Your relationship implies 2) but the rest of your layout design suggests 1).

              It doesn't look like you need a portal to Building at all here.

              You can just have a portal to LineItems and, if you want, you can set it up with a value list field and a portal with a filter expression that uses that field such that you select a building in the global field and the portal lists just lineitems for that building.


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                Hey, you are right, I don't need a portal to Building.  Thanks.