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Need help with persistent sort order (i think)

Question asked by AmandaBolender on Aug 2, 2011
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Need help with persistent sort order (i think)


Hi all,

I started a new database this morning and added about twenty design contacts manually before I imported my entire excel file into the database. The import went great and my database is perfect and does everything I could ever want it do except for one thing: those twenty contacts I added manually are "missing". They are still there, somewhere, but what I see is Record: 323 Found: 323 Total: 344. There are 21 records that are hidden from view, I'm assuming because they don't match up to the sort criteria (though they actually do or should as I connected the import file to the same titles my manually entered information was given). I'm not sure what I did to hide them, because they were still there when I first imported the document but somehow they disappeared and I have completely backtracked and can not figure out where I went wrong. I'm really new to filemaker so if anyone has any idea please help! Thanks