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Need help with pick list strategy

Question asked by SteveKeiser on Oct 1, 2014
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Need help with pick list strategy


I support a database that keeps track of equipment identified by a number on a sticker located on the equipment. When all of the various records in the related tables are made, there is a pick list used that shows the equipment number, but what is actually picked is _equipmentID_fk, a foreign key number. The problem with this occurs when people are using the iPhone because they have to scroll through a pretty lengthy list, and can't select from the pick list by typing. So, I have been thinking about a strategy for how to make things easier on the iPhone by allowing the user to actually enter the equipment number. I could use the equipment number as the match back to the equipment table to populate the _equipmentID_fk. However I am not sure this is a safe way to do things. Any advice?