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Need Help with Portal Filter (Boolean)

Question asked by brianquillin on May 6, 2013
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Need Help with Portal Filter (Boolean)


     Concerning these 3 Table and Occurences:

     Contacts - People
     Participation - Collects information based on people's affiliation
     Years - I have a Table collecting Years (ie. 2012, 2013 - each a separate record)

     * I also have a year_status field to indicate either previous, current, or future * - this is my attempt to set the "current" year in one location and not have to update reporting scripts every year (I may be off base in this concept but I'm trying it out) *


     I have a cartisian join between Participation (TO) ---X--- Participation 2 (for viewing a left side record list)

     I also have Particpation2::year_id >----- part_YEAR::year_ID (needed fields are reflecting proper data).

     I have the Participation 2 portal accurately showing the related Contacts and their 'Affiliation' type based on their Participation record.  (I also have a global search field working properly to filter the portal by PatternCount, etc.)


     I have not figured out the proper filter calculation to view ONLY the CURRENT Participation records.  

     I need a boolean statement that I can add to my existing portal filter to knock out any participation record that is not the current year.  

     My apologies for the confusing (and probably incomplete) description of my design but any help or nudge in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.

     Thanks in advance...