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Need help with Relational fields

Question asked by Rbevens on May 7, 2009
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Need help with Relational fields




I'm pretty new to filemaker and I'm having difficulty wrapping my head around this one.  I am building an assessment database adding onto the template contact management.  Here's what I want to do--I want to be able to select a "group" dropdown field for each contact which then populates my assessment "category" dropdown field and after choosing the category the "Questions" drop down field will be populated.  My problem is understanding the relationships because to me each contact is part of many groups, each group contains many contacts, each group contains many assessment categories, these categories fall under many groups, each category has many questions, and these questions fall under different categories.  I know I'm not suppose to have any many-to-many relationships.  I'm confused... Any help is greatly appreciated!