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Need help with relationship

Question asked by SteveKeiser on May 14, 2014
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Need help with relationship


     I have the following scenario which I can't get to work right:

     Table: "Sales Item" Table Occurence: salesitem_SALES_repmatch

     Relationship:  salesitem_SALES_repmatch --< Sales where table occurence salesitem_SALES_repmatch::cRepSelected = Sales::cRepFilter

     Field:   Sales Item::cRepSelected = if ( Rep = RepSelected ; 1 ; "" )

     Field:  Sales::cRepFilter = if ( Sales Item::RepSelected = "None" ; 0 ; if ( Sales Item::RepSelected not equal to "None" ; 1 ; "" ))


     This is not working. I am not smart enough to figure this out. My objective is to allow the user to select a filter which then determines a filtered value list, or unfiltered in the event they select "None" as the filter. The value list comes from a field in the table "Sales Item".